Logistics Sales as Relationship Building

Sales relationship building is not for the faint at heart. But, with consistency and care, you can dramatically improve your sales relationships.

Business happens between people. Clients trust companies who go the extra mile to understand their needs.

The word “sales” makes most people think of a transactional relationship, with one person selling and the other buying. Oftentimes salespeople are stereotyped as overly aggressive, “don’t take ‘no’ for an answer” people, coercing customers into buying things they don’t need.

While this may be accurate in some cases, more and more businesses are realizing that if they want to succeed, they need to put their customers’ needs first. Having a better understanding of your customers and their needs not only ensures they will be satisfied with their purchases, but encourages them to trust your company going forward.

Relationships are key

coworkers high-5ing around a tableRelationships are at the core of any successful business model. The more your clients trust you, the more likely they are to keep coming back, to recommend you to others, and to keep you in mind when they need additional services.

At Granite Logistics, our logistics sales staff are so much more than just people who sell things. They are committed, knowledgeable individuals with a passion for great customer service and personal connection. We all know people prefer doing business with people they know and trust, so here are some tips for building trusting relationships with your clients.

It doesn’t have to be all business

Relationships happen between individuals, so make sure you take the time to build individual relationships with your clients. Different clients will have different personalities, communication preferences, and business needs, all of which are factors you will need to consider when building a sales relationship.

Get to know your clients outside their business needs. Do they have kids? Hobbies? Do they like to travel? Spend a little time on every call asking a few personal questions about their family or weekend plans. People like doing business with people they trust, but even more than that, people like doing business with people they like.

Understand their needs

When talking to clients, make sure you listen carefully when they describe their needs. Get to know their business and their customers so you can make the best recommendations possible. Your client may be asking for a certain product or service, but there may be another option you can recommend that would be a better fit.

A strong sales relationship means clients will trust you to guide them to the best solution for their business, so take the necessary time to gain a comprehensive understanding of what they need.

Know your industry

man in headset looking at computerYour clients look to you as an expert in your field, so be sure you know the ins and outs of all your products and services.

It’s your responsibility to accurately communicate all options to your clients so they can make informed decisions about what will best suit their needs, as well as the needs of their customers. Remember to be patient, and explain details thoroughly. They don’t know your industry like you do, so you are their guide as they navigate the complexities of your offerings.

Be reliable

When building relationships with clients, never underestimate the power of showing up. Every day. Without fail. Flaking out on projects, missing scheduled calls, and leaving client emails unanswered are not ways to build a trusting relationship with your clients. Life happens, and we all have to reschedule a meeting from time to time, but try to make these times as rare as possible and always offer alternative times right away.

Make sure you are prompt when answering customer inquiries and double-check pricing before giving out quotes. Establishing trust takes time and work, so being consistent and reliable goes a long way in building and maintaining a sales relationship.

Since 2011, Granite Logistics has been steadily climbing the ranks as one of the country’s best logistics brands, and building relationships with our clients is the key to our success. Clients need to know you’re on their team and have their best interests at heart. By making each of our clients feel valued, understood, and informed, we ensure our company will be their top choice for future projects.

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