New Year, New Goals: Does Your Background Make You an Ideal Candidate for Logistics?

We help you answer why you would be a good fit for this position with us. Read more about the best skills to have for a job in logistics.


At the start of the new year, we're all looking to make a few new goals for ourselves. Some people might focus on fitness, or trying new things, but we encourage you to think about your career. Are you happy where you are right now? If you're looking to grow, Granite Logistics may be the perfect place to get you on track

But are you qualified? Why would you be a good fit for this position? We'll answer those questions and plenty of others in this blog. Logistics experience is good to have, but we'll tell you why there are plenty of ways to the top of the ladder. 

Good Skills to Have for a job

Logistics is a special line of work, but that doesn't mean good job qualities from other industries don't carry over. We have all kinds of people here at Granite Logistics, but it might help to know a few logistics skills that any employer would love to see from you. Use this blog to cultivate some new skills for the new year and transform yourself into the champion you want to be.


Everyone loves someone who is sure of themselves. Hold your head high and be proud of your accomplishments. You can't obtain confidence from a logistics degree, it has to come from within. Being confident is so important, that it's even tied to your workplace performance.

Granite Logistics employees joking around conference room table

Confidence is one of those paramount good skills to have for a job, regardless of where you're trying to work. Before going in for an interview, answer the question, "Why would you be a good fit for this position?" When you're answering, try to think about all of the potential good qualities you could bring to the workplace. 


Whether it's to learn or to take on extra work, being eager will get you farther than any other trait. We've taken on people without a lot of logistics experience or logistics skills simply because they were eager to apply themselves to learning our craft and how to deliver results. 

Eagerness is another one of those good skills to have for a job, regardless of industry. If you show up to work every day with a passion to get better, it's impossible for people not to notice. Some of our most eager employees have been promoted early or have been given exclusive rewards simply because they showed an eagerness every single day. You should do the same and reap the same rewards. 

Effective Communication:

A breakdown in communication is one of the first reasons a boss might need to chat with you. Crystal clear is the only option when it comes to communication, and that's why it's one of the most important logistics skills you can have. 

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So how do you communicate effectively? Ask every question, raise every concern, and communicate every important detail. That's your roadmap to communication success. When we're asked about good skills to have for a job, we have to list effective communicator in our top three. We're not alone either, communication is one of the most important characteristics regardless of industry.

LOGISTICS Interview Questions

If you're interested in a logistics career after graduating or becoming interested in the industry, we've compiled some of interview questions for you. These are some of our favorite logistics interview questions, courtesy of The Muse, and we frequently use them to find out if you're the right fit for us.

  1. What qualifies you for a position with our company?
  2. What is one achievement that you are most proud of?
  3. What was the last challenge you overcame and how did you do it?
  4. What kind of worker are you? What's your style? 
  5. Can you describe your ideal work environment?
  6. If we were to give you a position, what would be your first goal?
  7. Why are you leaving your previous job?
  8. Name one skill you'd like to improve and how would you do it?
  9. What's exciting about this position and our company in general?
  10. How do you like to spend time outside of work?

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